What do you seek, traveller..?

Summoning has been paused until Yidrim is opened.

A rift in space and time...

Arcane is fully on-chain RPG adventure at the service of the Treasure ecosystem.

Secretly, wizards & mages keep the ancestral knowledge of magic alive, away from the eyes of the world.

Welcome to  Yidrim.

Summon unique Wizards...

Each comes with a unique set of traits, skills and personality.

Looting forgotten weapons or crafting them through your Profession will increase your powers.

Venture into Yidrim...

Search for treasures inside abandonned temples.

If you come out alive, use the looted components to master your Profession and sell Potions and Armor to other Wizards.

Use the proceeds to improve your own base and unlock unseen levels of power.

And more...

Join the guild:

The beginning...

At the dawn of time, three Titans rivalled to prove who had the most power.

Each was to build the perfect Kingdom to demonstrate his superiority to the two others. They summoned the universe’s Primal Flux and that is how three Kingdoms came to be born.

The first Titan built Azgos, an earth-sized mountain of destruction, where the enraged elements of fire and magma reigned with fury.

The second one painted Mü. Made of pure swirling energy in the depth of space and time, it morphed into a magnificent but unstable melting mass of light.

The third Kingdom was in appearance seemingly less grandiose - no storm of elements, no vortex of light. It was blessed with another kind of magic: life. Plants of all colours and shapes formed valleys, splendid river banks sheltered fantastic animals. Suns lit its days, and Moons lit its nights. The Primal Flux itself was embedded into nature. Yidrim was born.

But Azgos’ creator, jealous of Mü’s opulent display of power, chose to throw the fiery world-mountain into it, in a collision so big its shockwaves rippled the universe itself. Both Azgos and Mü were annihilated then and there, leaving behind nothing but a silent void.

Only Yidrim remained, and the Titan who birthed it moved it across the stars into a safer place. A new plane of existence was found for it. It had similar fauna and flora, similar air and water, a Sun and a Moon. The story goes, that far, far to the west, behind the Five Great Peaks and the Sceptre Seas, lies another Kingdom named Bridgeworld.

Humanoid creatures roamed these unknown lands. Soon they came, built villages and cities. Through Eons they worked tirelessly to harvest the fertile pockets of magic, that Yidrim was infused with. Nowadays that arcane knowledge is extinct...

The legend says only a few lone entities, known as Wizards, still carry the torch far away from the eyes of civilisation. But who can indeed be certain...

What do you seek, traveller..?